Y-Jobs by Y-Axis is a platform that connects candidates with work authorization with employers seeking international talent. We offer both candidates and employers a trust driven environment that facilitates quicker hiring.

The Y-Jobs Advantage

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Comprehensive candidate profiles that are recruiter friendly.
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Only open for international recruiter & relocation ready candidates.
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Placement assistance provided by Y-Axis Staffing Solutions.
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Promoted by Y-Axis, India's No.1 Overseas Consultant.
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Dedicated support for candidates & employers.
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Visa & migration support by Y-Axis.

How it Works

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Candidate posts her profile/resume.
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Y-Axis markets the resume bank abroad.
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International recruiter finds suitable profile.
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Y-Axis Staffing gets a notification & connects the candidate & recruiter.

About Us

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When you want to work abroad, talk to the international recruitment experts.

Y-Jobs offers professionals with work authorization the platform to find and apply to jobs abroad. Part of the Y-Axis immigration, India's No.1 Immigration and Overseas Career Consultant, we are a placement agency and job site with a track record of success. From finding jobs and sponsors to migrating abroad with your family, we offer comprehensive solutions.

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Complete Jobseeker Support

with 26 offers across the world we help you find jobs and migrate to countries such as a Usa, Canada, Uk, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, and UAE. All applicants need to do is signup and post their resume to become visible to recruiter & companies.

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Recruiter friendly

Find applications with relevant documentation to speed up your recruitment process. Applicant profiles are fully searchable and contain professional, education and immigration related information. Whether it is IT professionals with H-1B visas or students with work permits, you can easily swift through our database.

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Immigration support

Y-Jobs is part of the Y-Axis Immigration group and offers those with and without work authorization complete immigration support. We counsel you as to which countries to apply for as well as supporting you through the immigration process.