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Y-Resume Zapper

An interface that connects employees with the employers in overseas.

Finding a better way to work overseas is a tedious task. Reviewing international job markets and applying to the desired position requires a deeper understanding and a lot of time. To minimize all these daunting tasks, Y-Axis introduces a unique and hassle-free path, called 'Y-Resume Zapper', to provide the resources that help Indians to search for their employers abroad.

What is Y-Resume Zapper?

Y-Resume Zapper is a unique, clear-cut online feature that allows Indian clients to zap their resumes directly to employers overseas. The interface permits the job seekers to search the global employers and send their resumes directly to employers worldwide, based on their desired skills.

The Y-Resume Zapper is designed to showcase the job seeker profile directly to global employers.

Highlights of Y-Resume Zapper

  •   Easy path to search employers across the world
  •   Can directly zap resume to the international employers
  •   Available at affordable price
  •   Accessibility to employers database across the world related to all the fields
  •   Location specific search
  •   Hassle-free requirements
  •   Single click solution to apply for multiple employers

Requirements for Y-Resume Zapper

To explore the global database of employers, clients need to have the following:

  • Resume: Resumes are the mandatory documents for the job search. It describes the qualification, experiences, skills, and career objectives to the employers. It makes job seekers stand out from the masses. So, preparing an impressive resume will attract the employer and makes all the difference.

  • Gmail account: To zap the resume in Y-Resume Zapping, the client needs an active personal Gmail account. The client can monitor all his resume zapping details through this Gmail account. The user can check the Employers' response and status in the Gmail account registered with Y- Resume Zapping.

  • Fee: The fee for Y-Resume Zapping is very nominal (Rs. 5,000) and affordable too. Indians planning to explore their career overseas can avail this incredible platform.

Procedure to apply Y-Resume Zapper

Step 1: Prepare your Resume with all the necessary inputs

Step 2: Check the activity of your Gmail account

Step 3: Select the country and the industry to share the profile

Step 4: Simply, Zap your resume

Benefits from Y-Resume Zapper

The user can avail many benefits from Y-Resume Zapping. The client can:

  •   Have direct access to the employers database across the world
  •   Choose industry and location specifically
  •   Share their Resume directly to the Employers
  •   Time saving procedure to search
  •   Secured and stress-free application process
  •   Transparently process the resume with the employers
  •   Purchase 'n' number of companies within the amount Rs. 5,000 (that means for every resume zapping, the amount will be deducted from your wallet)
  •   Easily check the zap history in your Gmail account
  •   Top up with a minimum amount (Rs. 50) to apply for additional companies
  •   Apply to 'n' number of global employers
  •   Pay for only the preferred ones


1. Why Y-Resume Zapper resume?

Y-Resume Zapper is a user-friendly interface to access all global employers. It is a single- click solution to search and zap the client's resume to international employers.

2. How to sync Gmail to Y-Resume Zapper?

It is easy to sync your Gmail with Y-Resume Zapper, similar to the chrome search sync.

3. How can I check my wallet balance?

You can log in to your personal Y- Resume Zapper account and check the wallet balance.

4. How do I check my Y-Resume Zapper status?

You can check it in your Gmail account, which is registered with the Y-Resume Zapper account. 

5. How do I top-up my account? 

You can log in to the Y-Resume Zapper account and pay the top-up amount.

6. How many countries can I choose in Y-Resume Zapper?

Up to 4 countries can be selected by the applicant for their resume to be zapped under Y-Zapping.

7.  How do I get replies from Employers? 

You will receive a reply from an employer directly to your Gmail account. 

8. When can I expect replies from Employers?

If the employer shortlist your profile, you will receive an immediate response from the employer.