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How it works

How it works

  • Upon becoming a Premium Member
    • Someone will evince interest in contacting you
    • You will get an alert through e-mail or SMS
    • You can review the profile of the person/company and decide whether to contact them or not.
  • Potential Recruiters can search “Premium Members” alone on the Resume Bank.
  • If you are not a Premium Member, potential recruiters will need to contact Y-Staffing, our placement division.
Become premium member

How to become a Premium Member

  • Purchase it online when you signup
  • From the Dashboard
Restrictions premium member

Restrictions on who can become a Premium Member

  • Prospects who have signed up for Y-Axis.com
  • Prospects who signed up from our Landing Pages for immigration services.
  • Customers whose processes are in Evaluation Stage.
  • Customers whose processes are in Early Migration Stage
Benfits premium member

Benefits to Y-Premium Members

  • You are on a specialised platform for workers with work or PR Visas
  • You are in an active mode of finding a job or contract employment or network.
  • You can be found and contacted without the employers needing to pay for long term commitments.